Thursday, March 29, 2007

Joe's Pub yet again

Last night I went to Joe's Pub for the 4th time in 6 months. Only this time I was not seeing Rachel Fuller and In The Attic Jam!

Playing were Foy Vance and Sarah Tracey. I went specially to see Foy. He is wonderful!!! But I got to say its such a different scene from ITA!!!! First the place was half empty! The vibe was also much more casual and relaxed. That said I missed Rachel!

Foy though was FAB!!!!! He played for about 45 minutes. He talked about doing ITA at Joes in Sept. I think I was the only one who knew what he was talking about ;) lol He did Crosstown Traffic again.I could listen to him do that song over and over. He also talked a lot more and it was nice to see his personality. I wish he was the headliner because I felt like I did not have enough yk?

Sarah Tracey was good. Very strong voice -- belts it right out. Kinda bluesy. Plays piano and acoustic guitar. Even though I liked her she played for too long for me. Her stuff is a lot of the same and I was ready for her to be done. I guess she played for about 45 minutes too. 30 would have been better! lol

I have to say Joe's is a great resource for shows! They really have
some good people and is reasonable. Parking and tunnel tolls are more
;) I need to keep my eye on their calendar!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Stinson Beach

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I had forgotten

Yesterday and today I have been working -- shocking I know ;) and for those of you who have no idea what I do I am a freelance reporter.

Yesterday afternoon I was asked to take over a beat. It is hard news, a complicated messy messy story involving porn and suspended police officers - so high drama too. I have loved every minute!!! I no longer cover such stories and I totally forgot the high you get from the drama of it all and the rush of working on deadline.

Monday, March 26, 2007

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Love her!

I didnt see this artist actually perform at SXSW but I downloaded her song "F*** was I" at Her name is Jenny Owen Youngs and she is a Jersey girl -- so of course she is wonderful!

FWIW - I bought her album at iTunes.

I need more of her music ASAP!!! Hopefully she plays often in her home state or at least across the river!

Friday, March 23, 2007

SXSW Pictures

Hacienda Brothers - how often you see an accordian these days?

Bump Band

Ian and the Bump band

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The other side of me

Tonight I had to play a different role from that most of you know me in -- at least those I know IRL. I had to play the role of soccer mom.

Our school district held their annual Spring Fling fundraiser. It is a posh event and we all spend a bloody fortune. The dinner for once was decent, the prizes plenty (I won a ballet basket for Katie Belle), the entertainment was horrid.

It was an Elvis impersonator. Not even a good one. At the end he wanted to take pictures with us and not one of the 350 women there would. It was embarrassing when he started to go table to table and ask. All I can say is I am glad it is over!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SXSW I forgot to talk about

First I left off James McMurtry from the list of artists we saw at Rajiworld. He sings a fab song called We Cant Make it Here Anymore. You can check him out here

The one cool thing I REALLY liked about SXSW was the discovery of new internet radio stations. I am listening to my favorite dfind - Lots of indie artists as well as Allman Brothers, Peter Tosh, Norah Jones and other well knowns. The other one I like is The Current. I already knew of them. You can listen at Again Indie. What I dont like about The Current -- at least when using iTunes -- it doesnt say the name of the song and artist. I find when they include that info it is a helpful to me when I want spend my money!!! You can find the info easily enough at their website but many times I am doing something else online - like now blogging while mvyradio is on. It is easier to just switch to iTunes then open another window.

We also were told of a third while waiting in line for the bathroom -- do you not have some of the best conversations in that line? It is KNON 89.3 You can hear it at I cant tell you much of the station as I am having problems getting it to play on my MAC I could of course go downstairs to my PC. Maybe tomorrow.

Another cool thing we saw at SXSW was Flatstock. It was a room of poster art. They also had t-shirts and buttons as well as some bumper stickers. I did buy a few buttons. Mostly concert posters and album covers but not necessarily. Here is one of my favorite artists fron the exhibit:

As I shuffle and wade through the CDs and magazines I will give reviews. I promise even if I dont like the artist I wont be nasty!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SXSW Update 4

As promised. . .

On Saturday we went to Rajiworld for the blogger party. It was held at the Big Red Sun. I have to say it almost didnt matter what the bands were as this was a great outdoor venue. It was a beautiful day and we sat on blankets listening to music surrounded by the smell of rosemary -- who could ask for more?!

The first artist we saw was folk singer Billy Harvey. I have to say while his music wasn't bad, his on stage personality was annoying. And to go along with his annoying self his website said I was forbidden to enter so I am not going to even bother giving any of you the link! heh!

Next up was a *wonderful* folk singer, who sang a bunch of war protest songs. Sadly I only got his first name - Otis. If any one knows his name please share! He also performed at the Million Musician March earlier in the day. It was an anti-war protest. Wish I knew about it I would have been there.

Friends of Dean Martinez were the next to perform. They did the score for Fast Food Nation so you may or may not already be familiar with them. Here is a taste of the music. I think they fit in the instrumental alternative category.
Here is a sample:

I thought they were good background music but I really wasnt crazy about watching them and actually left to make a few phone calls.

One of my favorites of the day performed next (I think -- like I said in an eariler post I should have taken notes) -- Nakia. He was wonderful. I especially enjoyed his song Crying. He truly gave it his all. He has a powerful voice and sings with a ton of passion. Here is an example of his work

FWIW I did buy his CD.

We then again saw both the Mother Truckers (I love the lead guitarist, Josh Zee, he is just FUN to watch) and the Hacienda Brothers. You can hear The Mother Truckers at their My Space page They really are a must to check out. They have fab energy. You HAVE to dance when you see them. No way can you stay still. lol I bought their CD too.

He is a sample of The Hacienda Brothers I did not buy their CD. They are missing the edge and funness of The Mother Truckers but if you are into country you'll probably really like them. Jersey girls just arent THAT into country ;) lol

The highlight of the evening was hearing more of Ian McLagan & the Bump Band. Dont ask me how much of his stuff I bought as I told in earlier entries -- I am in love with Mac!!! lol Shame on Rod Stewart for not wanting to do a Small Faces Reunion!!!! Although Maybe Mac is better off with the Bump band. Enough politics -- you can get Macs stuff from his website - or itunes. Or like some of us wacky people at both places. lol

The last group we heard at Rajiworld was Skyrocket (formerly KTel Hit Machine). They are exactly what you expect -- cover songs from the 70s and 80s.

We went out for margaritas and Mexican food with Burton and Michelle. Great drinks, so so food, but hey when the margaritas are THAT good who cares about the food.

The four of us then went to see Alexi Murdoch who I am still not impressed with at all. He makes me sleepy. Hmmm I often have trouble going to sleep maybe I should buy his stuff!!! I will admit I do like his song Orange Sky though. You can sample him at itunes. I could not find a website that had sample of his music for free but then again I didnt look too hard. As much as I dont like his music I do love his political commentary and he was worth seeing again just for that. He doesnt talk that much when performing at In The Attic but alone he lets his mind be heard and that is wonderful.

Next we saw folk singer Eliza Gilkyson. We didnt mean to, it was a total accident but we really enjoyed her. I didnt buy her stuff yet, but I probably will. Here is a song I really really like Someone there compared her to Rachel. I found them to be quite different in terms of style, also I think Rachel has a prettier voice. Not that I am biased or anything. lol These guys said "not nice" things about Rachel. Of course I straightened them out.

For the last two artist we ran into Lynne. It was great being able to hang out a little with Lynne, We saw her at all the Mac events but she was always in work mode. She was finally able to have some fun!

Cathy and I then went to Bourbon Rocks just to see what was playing there. I believe the band was called Schoolyard Heroes. They were a little to heavy for us so we left and pretty much called it a night.

Wow this is a really long post! Tomorrow will be my last SXSW entry. I will tell of all the things I forgot to talk about thus far like Flatstock.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The SXSW Freebies

I just wrote this wonderfully witty entry on all the freebies we got. I got disconnected from my server and it is all lost. I dont know I can recreate it, but I will try. Here goes . . .

Another side to SXSW is the freebies. We didnt try too hard to get too many as we very quickly got more then we could carry home. There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there for scoring as much free stuff as possible.

Right at the start when you pick up your badge you get a free totebag and directory. The totebag is chock full of stuff -- hangover cures, voodoo dolls, condoms, magazines -- including Relix, and a bunch of CDs. Some of the CDs are samplers of various artists, some are entire CDs of one artists. The samplers are interesting as you can love the first song and hate the next. FI on the Vibe Sampler I really like The Reason's "this is just the beginning" -- typical alternative. However I can so do without LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum." Actually the music I quite liked, it remind me of 80s punk, it was the lyrics I just coudnt stand. But hey that is me and I am getting old. lol

The CDs we got by a single artist include Public Enemy, Ugk and Ani DiFranco. We also got Eugene McGuiness and Liverpool Sound City, which has various artists, some we have all seen on In The Attic, when Cathy gave a band member 3 ciagrettes! lol I havent listened to any of them yet. I havent listened to many of the CDs at all. That is what I plan to do this week. Every artist also had their CD for sale, but back to the freebies.

At the trade show we probably could have garnered more free stuff if we had business cards or chatted it up with the reps. But as it was we got a boat load. T-shirts, mints, pens, beads, rubber bracelets, pins, more magazines and other stuff I am sure I am forgetting.

Every afternoon there we also free parties with free food and drink. You needed an invite or just to know where they were. We only made it to the one Rachel was playing as we tended to sleep into the early afternoon. But there was free mexican and margaritas.

I am now home and exhausted. I think I need to sleep for two days. lol Tomorrow I will post about the last of the artists we saw with links to their music.

Check out Cathy's blog for pics of us having fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

In San Antonio

I am now in San Antonio. This room is so cold I can almost see my breath I swear. I fly out tomorrow at 6:55 a.m. What was I thinking?

I know I promised an update but I think I am getting sick and could use some sleep. I have no idea how I am going to get back to the real world. lol

I will update tomorrow from home. (heh you all heard that before!) I also what to include links of all the artists I think you should listen to.

I really should have taken notes or something as if I was covering the even as an assignment. I think I could have blogged it better that way. I dont know. What I do is Bryan yes you need to add it to your calendar for 2008!!!

love to all xox

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I forgot to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day. Being out of the NYC area it doesnt feel like St. Patrick's Day at all.

I am so tired we had so much fun today but I seriously need some sleep. I will do my SXSW Update 4 tomorrow. I am going on a boat ride on Lake Austin fairly early in the day but hopefully I'll get to it before then.

Love and light to all xox

Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW Update 3

Another fab day here in Texas!

First I will tell you all about me -- it is me blog afterall. I did something I wanted to do for a good 5 years. I got my ear pierced up high by the curve. (makes sense?) I love it!!!! Hurts, but hey no pain no beauty or so my mother always said.

Okay enough about me.

Cathy and I started the day out at Flatstock. A show of concert posters, buttons, album covers and just plain funky art. Then we went to the SXSW trade show. We got a bunch of free stuff -- buttons, t-shirts, pens, cds, magazines (Relix!!!), mints and uh condoms. (They give out condoms like crazy around here!!!) We ran into Lynne and she introduced us to Mac who is a total doll. I am his newest and hugest fan!!! Playing at the trade show was Vessy Mink. You all need to check her out.

Next we went over to Brush Square Park where we met up with fellow bloggers and Who fans - Susan, June, Burton, Lauren and Brandi. It was a Muzak party. Free food and margaritas. Who can complain about that? While we were chatting away we heard Sarah Marince, Andy Ziff, Scott McCurry, The Hot IQs and The Alternate Routes. We then moved into the tent and again had front row seats again for Rachel.

Rachel looked beautiful in the outfit she picked. Joleon Dixon played guitar with her for Cigarettes & Housework and Ode to Sir Reilly. He played with her in 2004. He told us she recently ran into him and said you must play with me in SXSW. He is such the cutie, never nind his playing ability. lol

Rachel also played Pleasure Seeker, Blue and my favorite song - Motherfucker. Then Pete joined her for Sunrise. It was truly a great set.

Next we went over to Bourbon Rocks to hear Lonelady. Despite the lack of crowd they were pretty good. It was after this I got my ear pierced. then we ran over to the Direct TV event to see Rachel again. It was pretty much the same set but her and Pete closed the show with my favorite favorite song - In The Mix. Rachel actually stood up at the mic and sang. It was great. Martha Wainwright joined them for one song too.

Afterwards we had some delicious margaritas with Burton. Then it was back to Bourbon Rocks where we saw Ron Sexsmith. He was incredible. Truly. Next up was The Redwalls. They totally rocked out and were a ton of fun. Sadly then it was time to go home.

But even that was an adventure and we got more free cds and condoms. lol

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hotel Cafe 2

Here are some rocking pics from In The Attic at Hotel Cafe in LA on March 3. The pics are from Jim aka Purple. Thanks Jim xox

SXSW Update 2

Today was another day of whirl wind activity!!!

We started out with lunch at Fado's, an Irish Pub where we heard Frank Turner play. He is acoustic, and plays solo. Nice stuff. I am surrpised he ahs not been on ITA. The food was yummy. I had an really great burger, not as good as the one I had in Chicago but close! We ate outside. I have to say the weather here in Austin was gorgeous today and I am so glad I am not in NJ where it is snowing!!!

After lunch we walked up to the ITA venue. We wanted to make sure we had a good spot in line so we would get in. We were the first badge holders there. lol. But we were not the first people there. We met Michelle and Burton (I am sorry I am blanking on their blogger names atm - Michelle is Life imitates art and Burton's Babalover - I *think*) Lauren soon follwed as did Junebug. Standing out in the beautiful Texas sun for two hours we met quite a few people. I do believe that was the only bloggers I spoke with though. If I am leaving some one out speak up!

Anyway when they let us in I got the rail center stage!!!!! It was fab!!!!! Pete was the opening number with one song,. Then Willie Mason ( I swear his drummer is only about 10 years old ;) ) followed by Mica, Joe Purdy, Rachel, Martha Wainwright, Alexi Murdouch and Pete again. It was wonderful!!!! Purdy rocked out a tad with members of Willie Mason. Nothing like last night though. Pete also played with everyone. Pete did perform my favorite In The Ether. I realize you are probably looking for more of a set lidt but at 3:15 a.m. I am having a hard time remembering!!!!

Update: Now it is the next morning - I remember slightly more! LOL Joe Purdy and Pete did a great verison of :et My Love Open The Door (not sure if that is the real name?) Alexi and Pete did Seduction (not even sure if that is the name)

Next we went to Ian and the Bump Band. I am in love with Mac. Totally. What more can I say?

We finally got to see Lynne, she has been busy busy with her work with Mac but we were finally able to catch up and say hi. I met Lynne at my first Rachel Fuller event back on Sept. 11 at B&N in NYC. We hope to met up again if not tomorrow. Saturday.

Kaki Kings was the next performer we saw. She is mostly instrumental. Plays five finger guitar as wella s slide guitar. It was interesting, We only stayed for 3 songs though as we were starving. We went next to door for a bite to eat.

Our last stop was the Whiskey Bar where we saw the Mother Truckers, who totally rocked. Their set was way too short IMNSHO. lol It felt like a 5 seconds. Prior to the Mother Truckers we caught the end of The Hacienda Brothers, who were also good. Same type of music as The Motther Truckers -- a combo of country and rock.

We walked around a bit before coming back here to the hotel.

I do so wish all of you could be with us!!!! It would be so much fun.
Maybe next year!!!

love and light to all xoxox

Thursday, March 15, 2007

SXSW Update 1

SXSW is beyond fun!!!!

The registration process is a little mental and took over an hour for us to get our badges. Fellow blogger Susan gave us a quick brief tour of the area and showed us the best places to park. Can not thank her enough for that!!!!!

First on our agenda was Pete Townshend's Keynote address. Sully updated you all on Rachel's blog so I wont repeat it. I will say it was wonderful and went by in seconds despite being well over an hour. He was charming and funny and I could have listened to him all night long!!!

Next Cathy with a C and I went to the Austin Music Awards -- excellent place for us fun freaks to hang, lol. The award part itself was fairly boring but they had great artists performing. The evening was highlighted by Mac playing with Pete Townshend. Can you say incredible? The Bump band played too and each and everyone of those performers looked like they were having a blast. I know I was!!!! It seemed to be over again in seconds.

Joe Purdy was next on our dream list. I have seen him twice at In The Attic - Martyrs in Chicago and most recently at Hotel Cafe in LA. I like his work very folky. Tonight was all about rocking out. WOW WOW WOW. He and his band just rocked the house down. I could not believe it was the same artist!!!! Same songs but totally kicked up. I did end up purchasing his CDs. He will be playing at In The Attic again tomorrow night.

After Purdy we saw Ari Hest. He is a New Yorker!!! It is just him and his acoustic guitar. The voice on that man. :::::swoon:::::: It was just wonderfully romantic at times, yet so sad and haunting singing anti-war songs.

Okay I have been up for nearly 24 hours so I will say good night and post another update tomorrow.


Friday, March 09, 2007


How evil are you?