Friday, March 16, 2007

SXSW Update 2

Today was another day of whirl wind activity!!!

We started out with lunch at Fado's, an Irish Pub where we heard Frank Turner play. He is acoustic, and plays solo. Nice stuff. I am surrpised he ahs not been on ITA. The food was yummy. I had an really great burger, not as good as the one I had in Chicago but close! We ate outside. I have to say the weather here in Austin was gorgeous today and I am so glad I am not in NJ where it is snowing!!!

After lunch we walked up to the ITA venue. We wanted to make sure we had a good spot in line so we would get in. We were the first badge holders there. lol. But we were not the first people there. We met Michelle and Burton (I am sorry I am blanking on their blogger names atm - Michelle is Life imitates art and Burton's Babalover - I *think*) Lauren soon follwed as did Junebug. Standing out in the beautiful Texas sun for two hours we met quite a few people. I do believe that was the only bloggers I spoke with though. If I am leaving some one out speak up!

Anyway when they let us in I got the rail center stage!!!!! It was fab!!!!! Pete was the opening number with one song,. Then Willie Mason ( I swear his drummer is only about 10 years old ;) ) followed by Mica, Joe Purdy, Rachel, Martha Wainwright, Alexi Murdouch and Pete again. It was wonderful!!!! Purdy rocked out a tad with members of Willie Mason. Nothing like last night though. Pete also played with everyone. Pete did perform my favorite In The Ether. I realize you are probably looking for more of a set lidt but at 3:15 a.m. I am having a hard time remembering!!!!

Update: Now it is the next morning - I remember slightly more! LOL Joe Purdy and Pete did a great verison of :et My Love Open The Door (not sure if that is the real name?) Alexi and Pete did Seduction (not even sure if that is the name)

Next we went to Ian and the Bump Band. I am in love with Mac. Totally. What more can I say?

We finally got to see Lynne, she has been busy busy with her work with Mac but we were finally able to catch up and say hi. I met Lynne at my first Rachel Fuller event back on Sept. 11 at B&N in NYC. We hope to met up again if not tomorrow. Saturday.

Kaki Kings was the next performer we saw. She is mostly instrumental. Plays five finger guitar as wella s slide guitar. It was interesting, We only stayed for 3 songs though as we were starving. We went next to door for a bite to eat.

Our last stop was the Whiskey Bar where we saw the Mother Truckers, who totally rocked. Their set was way too short IMNSHO. lol It felt like a 5 seconds. Prior to the Mother Truckers we caught the end of The Hacienda Brothers, who were also good. Same type of music as The Motther Truckers -- a combo of country and rock.

We walked around a bit before coming back here to the hotel.

I do so wish all of you could be with us!!!! It would be so much fun.
Maybe next year!!!

love and light to all xoxox


Blogger lryicsgrl said...

hey babe,


It was a miracle that I heard the whole song, I was hootin and the connection was breaking up during Willie Mason? I think? Although, originally I thought it was Joe Purdy!!

Anyway, you are a doll, and I am glad you are having the time of your life ;)

talk soon!

7:59 AM

Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Burgers are always better at 5 AM!

Let My Love Open The that tune.

Tell Lynne that I said Hi!

1:38 PM


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