Friday, February 23, 2007

What type of spirit do you have? 6 detailed results! pix

Your spirit is leaning towards the hyper exciting side of the scale!You are very adventurous and hate being held back, why wait around when you can...GO? Everything seems very obvious to you, if you just get away fast enough there will be no problems. You love spontanity and getting out for no reason, definitely not a home body. You DESPISE routine and the same old thing, when you are working you wish you could be climbing Everest. You tend to run away from your problems, or pretend they arent there in order to keep having fun. Head in the clouds feet in the air....yup thats absolutely no doubt about it you. Smiling is what you are known for, you are the type of person to buy two tickets to Paris and pick up your friend to tell her shes going...on the WAY to the airport. When stopped from moving you get discouraged and angry at the world, you must be on the go to be happy. When angry you tend to pout and try not to let anyone know that your hurt.Your spirit is of a traveler or explorer!Color: YellowWhat you are made of: LightAnimal: BirdThanks for taking my quiz!
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