Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing to say?

I have nothing to say lately. Have you noticed? lol

I went to the American Beauty Project this past weekend. That was interesting. It is a tribute of sorts to the Grateful Dead. A different band plays each a song on Workingman's Dead and the American Beauty album. We went Sunday, which was The American Beauty album.

Surprisingly all the GD songs I know come from this album! Although it usually makes me cry, I have to say one of my favorite Dead songs is Box of Rain and the interpretation of it at the ABP **REALLY** made me wanted to cry!! I can appreciate the artists talent but her version was just horrid, maybe even beyond horrid.

A Friend of A Devil wasnt bad but if **I** noticed you messed up the words and music to Grateful Dead song well you really must have messed them up!!!

OTOH Dar Wiliams did a simply beautiful Ripple.

Truckin was fine as was the encore number Going Down the Road and Feeling Bad. (Which I dont think is from the AB album and I am not sure that is even the name of the song. lol) The rest of the songs I do not know and I liked then well enough but not really knowing the GD version I shouldnt comment on them.

There was a lot of talking by the emcee in between each song and that was kinda boring. People were even falling asleep!! I guess maybe it was not so bad if you were into the history of it and the music but I was there just to dance. We actually had one guy Sushhhhhh us a few times for having too much fun!! Felt like I was at a Who concert and not something related to The Grateful Dead!!! Every Dead show I have ever been to has always been about fun fun fun -- probably too much fun!!! and of course dancing dancing dancing.

This review probably sounds negative but I did have a great -- or should I say grate ;) -- time!!!


Blogger Cathy with a C said...

I'm glad you had fun, but gentle reminder... It's Wednesday, where's Kenny???

7:29 PM

Blogger LauraBZ said...

nice report :) the encore song is called Going Down the Road Feeling Bad aka GDTRFB and it was an "added extra" (as were the musical interludes as you know ;-)).

10:24 PM

Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Oh my god...they killed Kenny

4:42 PM


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