Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW Update 3

Another fab day here in Texas!

First I will tell you all about me -- it is me blog afterall. I did something I wanted to do for a good 5 years. I got my ear pierced up high by the curve. (makes sense?) I love it!!!! Hurts, but hey no pain no beauty or so my mother always said.

Okay enough about me.

Cathy and I started the day out at Flatstock. A show of concert posters, buttons, album covers and just plain funky art. Then we went to the SXSW trade show. We got a bunch of free stuff -- buttons, t-shirts, pens, cds, magazines (Relix!!!), mints and uh condoms. (They give out condoms like crazy around here!!!) We ran into Lynne and she introduced us to Mac who is a total doll. I am his newest and hugest fan!!! Playing at the trade show was Vessy Mink. You all need to check her out.

Next we went over to Brush Square Park where we met up with fellow bloggers and Who fans - Susan, June, Burton, Lauren and Brandi. It was a Muzak party. Free food and margaritas. Who can complain about that? While we were chatting away we heard Sarah Marince, Andy Ziff, Scott McCurry, The Hot IQs and The Alternate Routes. We then moved into the tent and again had front row seats again for Rachel.

Rachel looked beautiful in the outfit she picked. Joleon Dixon played guitar with her for Cigarettes & Housework and Ode to Sir Reilly. He played with her in 2004. He told us she recently ran into him and said you must play with me in SXSW. He is such the cutie, never nind his playing ability. lol

Rachel also played Pleasure Seeker, Blue and my favorite song - Motherfucker. Then Pete joined her for Sunrise. It was truly a great set.

Next we went over to Bourbon Rocks to hear Lonelady. Despite the lack of crowd they were pretty good. It was after this I got my ear pierced. then we ran over to the Direct TV event to see Rachel again. It was pretty much the same set but her and Pete closed the show with my favorite favorite song - In The Mix. Rachel actually stood up at the mic and sang. It was great. Martha Wainwright joined them for one song too.

Afterwards we had some delicious margaritas with Burton. Then it was back to Bourbon Rocks where we saw Ron Sexsmith. He was incredible. Truly. Next up was The Redwalls. They totally rocked out and were a ton of fun. Sadly then it was time to go home.

But even that was an adventure and we got more free cds and condoms. lol


Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Damn...if I knew there would have been free condoms, I'd have come to Austin...LOL

9:36 AM

Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Wow, a piercing....I sure hope the ear ring is shaped like Pete Townshend or Rachel Fuller or their signatures....or you will be kicked out of the club.

9:43 AM


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