Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SXSW Update 4

As promised. . .

On Saturday we went to Rajiworld for the blogger party. It was held at the Big Red Sun. I have to say it almost didnt matter what the bands were as this was a great outdoor venue. It was a beautiful day and we sat on blankets listening to music surrounded by the smell of rosemary -- who could ask for more?!

The first artist we saw was folk singer Billy Harvey. I have to say while his music wasn't bad, his on stage personality was annoying. And to go along with his annoying self his website said I was forbidden to enter so I am not going to even bother giving any of you the link! heh!

Next up was a *wonderful* folk singer, who sang a bunch of war protest songs. Sadly I only got his first name - Otis. If any one knows his name please share! He also performed at the Million Musician March earlier in the day. It was an anti-war protest. Wish I knew about it I would have been there.

Friends of Dean Martinez were the next to perform. They did the score for Fast Food Nation so you may or may not already be familiar with them. Here is a taste of the music. I think they fit in the instrumental alternative category.
Here is a sample: http://ogami.subpop.com/bands/fodm/sounds/fodm1-306.wav

I thought they were good background music but I really wasnt crazy about watching them and actually left to make a few phone calls.

One of my favorites of the day performed next (I think -- like I said in an eariler post I should have taken notes) -- Nakia. He was wonderful. I especially enjoyed his song Crying. He truly gave it his all. He has a powerful voice and sings with a ton of passion. Here is an example of his work www.nakia.net/mp3s/playingthecards/nakia_downinapinch.mp3

FWIW I did buy his CD.

We then again saw both the Mother Truckers (I love the lead guitarist, Josh Zee, he is just FUN to watch) and the Hacienda Brothers. You can hear The Mother Truckers at their My Space page http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=3517889 They really are a must to check out. They have fab energy. You HAVE to dance when you see them. No way can you stay still. lol I bought their CD too.

He is a sample of The Hacienda Brothers http://www.haciendabrothers.com/discography/mp3/no_time_to_waste.mp3 I did not buy their CD. They are missing the edge and funness of The Mother Truckers but if you are into country you'll probably really like them. Jersey girls just arent THAT into country ;) lol

The highlight of the evening was hearing more of Ian McLagan & the Bump Band. Dont ask me how much of his stuff I bought as I told in earlier entries -- I am in love with Mac!!! lol Shame on Rod Stewart for not wanting to do a Small Faces Reunion!!!! Although Maybe Mac is better off with the Bump band. Enough politics -- you can get Macs stuff from his website - macspages.com or itunes. Or like some of us wacky people at both places. lol

The last group we heard at Rajiworld was Skyrocket (formerly KTel Hit Machine). They are exactly what you expect -- cover songs from the 70s and 80s.

We went out for margaritas and Mexican food with Burton and Michelle. Great drinks, so so food, but hey when the margaritas are THAT good who cares about the food.

The four of us then went to see Alexi Murdoch who I am still not impressed with at all. He makes me sleepy. Hmmm I often have trouble going to sleep maybe I should buy his stuff!!! I will admit I do like his song Orange Sky though. You can sample him at itunes. I could not find a website that had sample of his music for free but then again I didnt look too hard. As much as I dont like his music I do love his political commentary and he was worth seeing again just for that. He doesnt talk that much when performing at In The Attic but alone he lets his mind be heard and that is wonderful.

Next we saw folk singer Eliza Gilkyson. We didnt mean to, it was a total accident but we really enjoyed her. I didnt buy her stuff yet, but I probably will. Here is a song I really really like http://www.elizagilkyson.com/Witness.mp3 Someone there compared her to Rachel. I found them to be quite different in terms of style, also I think Rachel has a prettier voice. Not that I am biased or anything. lol These guys said "not nice" things about Rachel. Of course I straightened them out.

For the last two artist we ran into Lynne. It was great being able to hang out a little with Lynne, We saw her at all the Mac events but she was always in work mode. She was finally able to have some fun!

Cathy and I then went to Bourbon Rocks just to see what was playing there. I believe the band was called Schoolyard Heroes. They were a little to heavy for us so we left and pretty much called it a night.

Wow this is a really long post! Tomorrow will be my last SXSW entry. I will tell of all the things I forgot to talk about thus far like Flatstock.


Blogger lryicsgrl said...


Good reviews....nice of you to give the links or even try to, though not everyone mentioned was your favorite!!

I honestly cannot understand what negative comments someone could make about Rachel? She has a beautiful voice, is obviously gifted, and as a charming personality. She put together some amazing concerts, and is very generous to other artists....what the fuck can they say????

ah, all you need is love, man, love is all ya need!

i am sooo pooped today...it's 4:00 and i am going to go get dinner started.....such a glamorous life he he he...

talk to ya soon!!!


4:04 PM

Blogger purple said...

Hey Colleen. Thanks for the link to the photo contest. I'm going to post some pictures from LA as well as other shows. I'll let you know when they're on there. L&L


12:45 PM


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