Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SXSW I forgot to talk about

First I left off James McMurtry from the list of artists we saw at Rajiworld. He sings a fab song called We Cant Make it Here Anymore. You can check him out here

The one cool thing I REALLY liked about SXSW was the discovery of new internet radio stations. I am listening to my favorite dfind - Lots of indie artists as well as Allman Brothers, Peter Tosh, Norah Jones and other well knowns. The other one I like is The Current. I already knew of them. You can listen at Again Indie. What I dont like about The Current -- at least when using iTunes -- it doesnt say the name of the song and artist. I find when they include that info it is a helpful to me when I want spend my money!!! You can find the info easily enough at their website but many times I am doing something else online - like now blogging while mvyradio is on. It is easier to just switch to iTunes then open another window.

We also were told of a third while waiting in line for the bathroom -- do you not have some of the best conversations in that line? It is KNON 89.3 You can hear it at I cant tell you much of the station as I am having problems getting it to play on my MAC I could of course go downstairs to my PC. Maybe tomorrow.

Another cool thing we saw at SXSW was Flatstock. It was a room of poster art. They also had t-shirts and buttons as well as some bumper stickers. I did buy a few buttons. Mostly concert posters and album covers but not necessarily. Here is one of my favorite artists fron the exhibit:

As I shuffle and wade through the CDs and magazines I will give reviews. I promise even if I dont like the artist I wont be nasty!!!!


Blogger Bryan said...

Internet radio rules! Been a fan of it for years now. I had a gig once where I had speakers on my computer, and this going back about 6 or 7 years. One day the owner of the company passed by my desk and heard a radio station coming out of the computer. He asked what I was doing and when I told him he was fascinated. And to think he was a media mogul and had no clue. Low and behold he became a net radio junkie overnight.

Take note: The future of net radio is currently under threat. I would recommend that you check out a great internet radio station coming out of the desert in California. There is a plethora of info up there about what is going on.

The guy who runs it is a fromer commercial DJ and the playlist is fantastic. Old and new music 24/7. He also has a playlist on his site that updates with every song as it is played.

Let me know what you think...


9:35 AM


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