Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Its in the stars

Mercury is starting to go into retrograde. If you are a Virgo like me you probably already feel the effects. Same if you have a lot of Virgo or Gemini in your natal chart. (Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini)

Mercury retrograde effects communications for all signs. It is never a boring period! It will be in full swing Oct. 28-Nov. 17. The worst days are Oct. 28 and Nov. 17.

For those of us who are Virgo it really effects your brain too! All I can say is on a good day I am the airy fairy queen. Now I am so far off the planet it is not funny. I so need to be grounded but of course that wont happen until Nov. 17!!!

I better check and double check everything I do between now and then. People are already asking me where my head is at -- imagine what I am going to be like on Sunday!


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