Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hello Who, Good-bye Wiggles

Sorry Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff but Katie is through with you. She has lost her heart to The Who.

Yesterday Katie and I went to the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, Md. Any hesitations I had of her not being okay about it were quickly lost. She danced and danced and danced. Then came The Who.

From the first note she was enthralled. She was given a pair of Zak Starkey's drum sticks and it was all over. She is now ready to follow them around the globe. Good thing all I need to work is an internet connection and a phone!!!

When she was not "drumming," Katie spent the better part of the day dancing around to The Who or watching their videos at All of course with the sticks in hand. She simply can not get enough!


Blogger LauraBZ said...

too cute! :-)

7:10 PM

Blogger Ronzi said...

Very very cool.. she looks adorable..

and Zaks sticks.. how did you get those, thats way too cool. I am trying to get to Chicago, we'll see..

Hope you are well.

L- Ronzi

Hi Laura!!!

8:29 PM


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