Sunday, September 17, 2006

Joe's Pub and House of Blues

I have been meaning to update but what a whirlwind of a weekend!!

I went with Laura BZ to see Rachel Fuller at Joe's Pub on Thursday, Sept. 14. I am going to cop out on giving my own report on the gig itself as Jason gives a great one! Check out it at

I had meet and greet tickets so I got to met Rachel again -- which was a thrill. She seemed to like the idea I am a Rachel Fuller Fan and not a Who Fan. She laughed when I told her I had no idea Pete Townshend could play the guitar THAT good until I saw him on In The Attic. She of course thought it was "fucking weird" I found her through The Grateful Dead. Since I myself am not a Dead Head I pretty much agree with that! LOL (Laura BZ is the GD connection.)

Ironically despite being near Pete Townshend for a second time, I still didn't meet him! Mostly because I did not want to invade his space as at both events he seems to have a large number of fans. Laura did meet Pete and gave him a mug her brother made. She also met Rachel and Foy.

It was nice to see Justin Kreutzmann at the meet and greet without his camera. He certainly deserves the break.

I had so much fun I can not even begin to tell you. I met a bunch of bloggers. In addition to Jason there was Kim C, Kayy, JillKristen and her dh, G.C Scooter and Lisa, Lisa Lisa and her dh, Sully, as well as those we hung out with afterwards -- Dave of Pa, Cathy with a C, Ronzi and Lou. The "after party" was so much fun. Laura and I got to hang with some truly great people.

Now for the news --

I AM GOING TO CHICAGO to see Rachel!!! Yes I am screaming! I am so excited! I am going with Laura BZ's dh who will be in Chicago on business. I was toying with the idea the moment Joe's was over. Laura kept telling me "Hey I saw Jerry (Garcia) over 200 times, you should go." Then I saw Rachel posted Mikey will be there and the deal was sealed. I can not wait until Sept. 28.


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