Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lucky Day!

I am so excited - okay not as excited as when I got the ITA tickets but close.

Our local library runs a summer contest every year based on the number of hours you read. (Luckily reading blogs and email counts!) I won six books including an autographed copy of the latest Joyce Carol Oates novel. One of the other books is also autographed. It is a Meg Cabot novel, also the latest. Both books have yet to be released. (or maybe are just released? I was unclear on that part)

I also got lucky this morning sorting for the book sale. I not only got some great books, but a Lifehouse CD! All week I have been obsessed with Lifehouse. I can not stop listening to them. I did buy a bunch of their stuff off of itunes but I really like having hard copies in my hands. There are so few places to buy CDs around here any more.

Sadly though I have no time to read today as I have a bunch of interviews and stories to wrap up.


Anonymous rachel said...

There are a couple new Meg Cabot books - How to be Popular and Queen of Babble are the newest. Haven't read the first one, but really liked the 2nd one.

Enjoy all your books! I'm very jealous - Our library doesn't give prizes to adults.

7:11 PM


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