Friday, August 11, 2006

Two Rachel Fuller ITA tickets

Hi all -- I got the golden tickets so now I would like to sell my $75 tickets. I have two. They are first come first serve. I prefer paypal. The total cost for both is $156.60. Post here if you want them.


Blogger kayy said...

Hi, Colleen M,
I'd love to get a ticket!
But I only need one. I know you prefer to sell both at the same time...
I live in NYC and also I have Paypal account.
Let me know if you can sell me a ticket. Thanks.

8:28 PM

Blogger kimc said...

Hi Colleen
I also only want one, so would you be willing to sell one to Kay and one to me? I live in NJ, do not have a paypal account but if you are in the NY area I could meet you somewhere and pay cash.
or I could set up a paypal account?

8:40 PM

Blogger kimc said...

Colleen, here is my email address:

8:41 PM

Blogger kayy said...

Thanks Kim.

If you prefer, I can pay cash also if we can meet somewhere in NYC.
My e-mail:

10:42 PM

Blogger kimc said...

Hi again Colleen,
don't want to bother you but just thought of a problem? didn't the original post say you must show credit card you used to purchase to collect your tickets at the door? is that on the night of the show so would we meet you there? or will you have the actual tickets in advance. hope this can work out ok.

11:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For you to be selling Rachel's tickets like this is totally ghetto and utterly tacky.

9:55 AM

Blogger LauraBZ said...

I have NO idea what anonymous is talking about! Hey, anon, Rachel herself instructed this course of action so I think you should apologize for your remarks.

3:43 PM


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