Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just because I am a woman

I am not stupid!

Two weeks ago or so I got a new car. When I bought the car I told the salesman one of the most important things was the stereo being mp3 compatible. I joked how I had to have my priorities in order. He said he totally understood. Set me up with the service manager. Seems easy right?
Of course it isn't.

What has me most frustrated isn't the way they are now setting the car up to be mp3 compatible (although that in itself is annoying as all get out because I did NOT want to have to use a cassette player and of course now I have too). What is infuriating is they told me I do not know how to work the radio!!!

Shockingly I did not lose my temper at the moron who sat there explaining to me how to work the radio. I know how to push buttons, I swear I do but you know what the radio doesn't work properly. It doesn't always respond when you push the buttons on the panel or the steering wheel. Sometimes it turns on all by itself. An interesting feature but not one I need, esp if it starts turning off by itself.

All I can say is I am picking it up at 5:30 p.m. and it better work.

On a lighter note I am uploading Pink Floyd (The Wall) and Billy Falcon (Pretty Blue World) to itunes. I noticed I never filled in the favorite music section of my profile. It is just too varied and changes like the wind!


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