Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Putting out fires

That has been the theme of the day! So lets move on . . .

This morning I helped sort books for our library's upcoming annual book sale. Totally selfish on my part because you get to buy books as you sort! I can not get enough of books TBH. I am sure that is true of most journalists as we want to know everything about everything. Which is both good and bad.

Can you believe they wanted to throw out Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy! Oh the horrors. I saved it from the dumpster. It is in good shape despite being as old as -- ummm me!


Blogger Delbut said...

Ok. I am not mental or anything but have been surfing some of the blogs who have been leaving comments on rachel's.

i guess it's getting a bit frustrating out there trying to get tix. i am supposed to be working but drop by for a laugh every now and then. I am honoured to be your first commenter (not a real english word, i know) And there's you being a bookworm and all!

10:28 AM


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