Monday, August 21, 2006

Back From The Beach

Back from a long weekend down the shore with my cousin and her dh. We had a great time, spent mostly relaxing. Laura Ann and I spent what I am sure is too many hours to be healthy just laying on the dock and catching up.

We celebrated my birthday even though it is not until Labor Day weekend. It is one of "those" numbers this year so we are using that as an excuse to celebrate longer then ever. My parents started the tradition of celebrating my birthday for all of Labor Day weekend when I was quite young. This year the celebration is turning into six weeks! LOL My dad says I should be about 416 with all the celebrations I have had in my life.

TBH I am not upset about the number but I am sad the date means summer is ending. September is such a bittersweet month here in NJ.


Blogger celebrating life and family said...

Thanks for stopping by my site:) Happy soon to be birthday..Hope you have a great time.

11:36 AM


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