Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I met KimC!

I met KimC. She is one of the woman I passed on my regular ITA ticket to.

She is going alone so I hope she can hang out with Laura BZ and me. We will have such a blast. I am so excited about the Joe's Pub gig I can hardly stand it! Since she was at work though I had to act like the calm mature adult I pretend to be instead of the whack job I have been since last Friday. There is not a person I have come in contact with that does not now know of Rachel Fuller!! I had the guy at the ticket place wanting a ticket. LOL

Kim did ask me again how I got both the regular tickets and the Golden tickets. I have no idea. Luck I guess.

I am still so stressed about what to wear! What does one wear to Meet & Greet with Rachel? So far I only have the jewelry!


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