Thursday, August 24, 2006

Silly season starts early

The first week in September usually kicks off election season madness. This year it is starting early.

For the past few years I have managed not to be involved at all. To be perfectly honest I hate election season. I can not stand all the bull shit that goes with the campaigns. I can not stand how the politicians think you have no idea they are lying and posturing. It is tempting to call them on it. But of course I never do.

Tuesday I was FLOORED to see it has begun. In what is usually one of the slowest news months the politicians are going mad. Already I am getting -- "You'll make me look good right?" "You'll clean my speech up when you quote me right?" Of course I clean up their quotes, I would never put my by-line on something with such poor grammar!

All this over being mayor of a podunk North Jersey town. I am told there has not been a mayor's race in this town since 1982.

The peacocks are preening.

It is going to be a long season.


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