Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Got good vibes?

It is political season (aka "silly season") and as the election gets closer things get crazy crazy with those running for office.

I do my very best to fly under everyone's radar. I pretty much can not stomach the nonsense of silly season or politics in general TBH. I am not THAT kind of reporter.

Sadly the two towns I cover are extra crazy this year and I am getting dragged into the arena. Recently my editor contacted me for my opinion of who she should endorse.

Here is our convo:

Editor: What to you think of AB?
Me: YK he gives off really really bad vibes.
Editor: I totally agree. What do you think of CD?
Me: He is a true politician but his vibes are better don't you think?
Editor: Yeah I do, we'll go with him. Now what about your other town?

If they only knew it was all about vibes, auras and the like!!!


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