Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Music memories

Not so long ago I used to hang out with The Les Paul Trio.

Lou Pallo (the rhythm guitarist)played every Wednesday night at a local restaurant/bar. Usually turning into a jam session it was a blast and a half. One never knew who was going to show up -- it could be guys from a local band, or Jon Paris (my personal favorite), Tony Bennett or Steve Miller or . . . Like I said you never knew.

Today I just found out Lou still plays there!! Guess where I will be tomorrow night! (and most Wednesday nights here on in :D ) I am so excited. Lou is such a great guy and I miss his music!! I didn't realize how much I missed those jam sessions until I heard they were still going on!

As an aside I found out Les still plays every Monday night in NYC. He is 91!! Wow! I really should go see The Trio ASAP. No one plays a Les Paul like Les Paul.

My personal favorite Les Paul song is Over The Rainbow. I have never heard anything more beautiful. I love to hear it one more time YK?


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