Monday, October 16, 2006

Celebrating Life!!!

On Wednesday, The Resident Princess turns 4!! Tomorrow she gets to celebrate her birthday at school. This is her first school birthday celebration and she is beyond excited!!! I am baking her cookies to bring in as per her request.

Everyday she is nothing but pure joy. As you can see she embraces life with her arms wide open. She fears nothing. I will save all the over the top mushy gushy stuff for my live journal blog, but I will end by saying I have no idea what I ever did right for the universe to lend me such a blessing.


Blogger LauraBZ said...

she definitely makes the world a better place :-) xxoo

10:07 PM

Anonymous rachel said...

she's simply lovely. I'm so glad you have such great kiddos.

And WOW she looks like her big brother! I hadn't noticed it in the other pictures.

3:32 PM


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