Saturday, November 04, 2006

Reminder to self: Love will see you through

Live journal is down? I so need to update if for nothing else other then to release the negative emotions swirling inside me.

Friday's meeting did not go well, there was some shocking information my research uncovered. I sorta knew it when I got the documents but I didn't totally understand the legal stuff. I should say I didn't want TO because I looked at it freaked and put it away. The vibes were bad from the moment I got it in my hands.

I just need to remember:
A Box of Rain will ease the pain and love will see you through
-- Robert Hunter, "Box of Rain"

It has got to be all about lovelovelovelovelove. I can not fall victim to the negativity any longer. I do think I needed the wake up call though. Indifference was making me too passive.

Hate me today.
Hate me tomorrow.
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you.
Hate me in ways, yeah ways hard to swallow.
Hate me so you can finally see what's good for you. -- Blue October

I know I am being vague. I feel like I have said too much here in public so don't be surprised if I delete this post. If you do get to read it please send me vibes, prayers, etc of love and peace.

When it comes down to it love is all we have and love will see me through. I have been blessed by having loving family and friends, esp by LauraBZ who is my Box of Rain. xoxox

I do gather strength from love and it will get me through this. Although I do hope Rachel sings Motherfucker in LA. LOL!



Blogger LauraBZ said...

LOVE will see you through.

5:18 PM

Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

That "Hate" peom/song/whatever it sooo true! Just look at ME! My ex came back 4 years to apologize and let me bop HIM on the head! What a Jack (&(*&!^*(#@^(*!^&@*(&*()!&@# OK done swearing...Much love and hugs to you...and a real on on Tuesday! I will be the cute girl who is too skinny (PRETEND with me here) In the HOT HOT Shiny Luxury car picking you up! Oh your Highness let me roll out the red carpet!


9:46 PM

Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Laura...


9:46 PM

Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Colleen,
Looks like I've been spelling your name wrong, sorry!
It was great meeting you! That was an AWESOME SHOW!!!!!Wasn't it? I hope we get to go again. Next time though, I am going to get a traffic report.
I have my account for the show posted up. I also have the picture of Lisa and I with Mikey posted up too. It is also my profile picture, see!

11:08 PM

Blogger hn said...

Keep on through it. I know what you mean by indifference making you too passive. It enables others to walk over us. Love will see you through it.....

2:50 PM


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