Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm home!!

I am back from ITA and California. In the Attic rocked! It was wonderful. I had such a good time catching up again with "old" friends and meeting new.

I fell in total love with Santa Monica! As many of you know I'll probably be moving in the next 6 months- a year. Don't be surprised to find me there!! Although the traffic -- sheesh makes NYC look like a dream.

Other then the traffic it totally meets my requirements -- the main one being no more then 2-3 hours from an ocean -- and well it is on the beach so it is perfect!


Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Colleen,
Glad you made it home OK. The traffic's not always that bad, but that would be cool if you do move down here!
I hope we get to meet again, cause I had a lot of fun with you guys!

2:16 AM

Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Ah yes the beach...Cathy and I got to Huntington Beach....was jsut glad I wasn't bright red (sun burnt) for my pic's with Pete, Rachel and Mikey

9:25 PM

Blogger LauraBZ said...

I just wanna see some palm trees... ;-)

1:26 AM

Blogger BallerinaGurl said...

What a fun time we had! I think the proper phrase here is you need to go back home to Santa Monica/LA! lol

2:52 AM

Blogger colleen m said...

LOL you are so right. I was a sign from God when I got on the plane in Newark and people said to me ohhhh you are going home!!

Santa Monica is going to be my home for sure. I can trust you'll visit?

12:52 PM


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