Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Create your own polls

This looks cool. I was going to try it but didnt know what to take a poll on - so somebody else try it! lol


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Thanks Colleen, you know. And I did respond to you at my blog, too but ...
I'm waiting to hear back from him,
and I'll probably wind up calling again. But I got that paprwork in under the cutoff date, that's what was important for right now. That was HUGE.
And you and Cathy both seem to know exactly,
I HAVE said to myself "He can't just talk to me that way anymore!"

And I did say something to him about that recently. He took it well but started to get sarcastic about it at the end.Said something like:
"Am I being considerate enough now?" In a snotty voice. So that I replied,
"Well, yeah,you were, until this moment" and kinda chuckled.
Sometimes that jokey stuff works.
Hopefully he'll remember.

Thanks again, Colleen.
Seriously. And BTW I love your authors listed in your profile!
JCO wrote one of the scariest stories ever to me, "where are you going, where have you been?"
I went back and read that online recently after seeing her listed in
your profile,you reminded me of it!

I found interesting facts about her sources for that story. You probably know that stuff already.:)

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