Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogger's night out

Hi was great seeing you last night. It was like a dream, wasn't it??? We'll do lunch soon!!

Sue - Yes it was!!!

Wednesday night's In The Attic at Joe's Pub.was a blast! It was a great show as per usual. (although I will admit LA is still my favorite thus far)

In addition to the wonderful music by Rachel Fuller, Martha Wainwright, Sean Lennon (who is just lovely), Mikey Cuthbert, Pete Townshend and Ryan Adams (who is the exact opposite of Sean Lennon!) there was the getting together with the blogger community.

I reconnected with old friends and met new friends. I did miss my LA friends though!

It was an amazing night all around and I can not wait for Chicago!!

thanks to Dave of Pa for the pic of me and my bestest friend Laura BZ (who will freak when she sees the pic!) This pic was from the Sept. 14, 2006 ITA at Joe's Pub.


Blogger LauraBZ said...

oh you know i hate that picture of me! LOL. you look good , so being your bestest friend I'll say, oh, that is fine, sure, just put up scary pics of me all over the internet while you look like the goddess you are ;-P~
ps do you still have my pencil sharpener? ;)

1:50 PM

Blogger Cathy with a C said...

You both look like you were having fun and people enjoying themselves are beautiful!

Another great night, wasn't it?


2:37 PM

Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I was qouted on your bloggie!!!

How did I get to that one??? It is a different blog, isn't it?
I am so confused! ;)

Still feeling groggy, but good!


4:40 PM

Blogger Suesjoy said...

Y can't eye b U?


Hi Colleen!
Remember me?
I'm much more fun than I appeared in LA honest.
I was SOOO sick.
YOU are the coolest, my dear!
Glad "to see you rockin' out and havin' fun" (as Ray Davies says).

I would love to hang out with you, the other Sue and Molly one fine day.
Come to San Diego (or Taipei...wherever I am!).

Take care and be well,
Sue xx

6:24 PM

Anonymous Anne said...

yae colleen!!! You look so great - so happy - so joy :) good to see joy on you....

you look good too laura :)

ok, so bring me out of ludditeville and tell me how i get on the bloglist

6:02 AM

Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Colleen,
I wish I could've been there too, it sounds like it was fun.
I do agree with you that the LA show was the best.

I can't wait til the San Diego show! I wonder if Pete and Rachel will do another Attic gig? that would be awesome!

3:48 PM

Blogger Dave from Pennsylvania said...

You are quite welcome.

Hey I want a picture with you two in Chicago next weekend.


6:00 PM


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