Tuesday, December 05, 2006

High Maintenance?

YK I never ever thought of myself as a high maintenance woman. A girly girl? yes, high maintenance? - no!

The mfer always complained to my father about how high maintenance I am. My father of course denied it or would say something flip like I raised a her to be a princess-- see why I love him!

But maybe the mfer was right as this week I have four different salon appointments. Even I am kinda amazed. LOL



Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Just consider it, maintenance for the outside, to keep up the good on the inside.....something like that!!!

Eff em, if they can't take a joke!

cya on friday??

If you can think of a place, not attached to the mall....we can change it!
how early can you get to the mall?

wot am i doing? i'm not on email.. ;)

8:24 PM


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